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KC's Ranch offers and stocks a variety of primate biscuits.

Primate biscuits are an important dietary requirement for your primate. Most of our primates have taken their time to acquire a taste for their monkey biscuits, but starting early in their life is key. They eventually come to prefer biscuits as their major food source. Some biscuits taste better than others, but tend to be higher in starches or carbs, dependent upon your monks activity level this can be a major factor in biscuit choice. New world sticks are great for squirrels and smaller primates. The Mazuri monkey crunch and Zupreme Dry diet seem to have best taste, but are higher in carbs, we generally use these biscuits to get our monks started on biscuits. Also, by adding finely ground biscuits to their bottle is an excellent way to introduce biscuits at a young age.

All biscuit bag sizes come in a vacuum sealed reusable bag for maximum freshness.

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