Zyro Enrichment Toy

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Item Description

The Zyro is an animal enrichment toy that spirals for more rolling, chewing, and rolling fun. Made in the USA from tough thermoplastic exclusively by Otto Environmental.

The Zyro is an exclusive Otto Environmental design. Made of tough, safe thermoplastic, the Zyro has spiral grooves that provide tactile and visual stimulation. Animals will bite, throw, nudge, and carry the Zyro. Smear the grooves with peanut butter, coconut oil, seeds, and fruit. Animals of all sizes will enjoy the challenge of licking, biting, and manipulating the tasty treats out of the spiral groove. Canids such as foxes, dogs, wolves, and jackals can safely gnaw the Zyro without harming gums or damaging teeth. Rabbits, rats, mice, and other rodents like to nudge and explore the grooved surface. Primates of all sizes including marmosets, langurs, chimpanzees, tamarins, and macaques enjoy holding, squeezing, and foraging food in the grooves. The Zyro is ideal as an interactive enrichment toy or a stress-reliever during transport, temporary housing, during health checks. Autoclavable to maintain hygiene and IACUC standards in laboratory settings.


  • Available in several colors
  • 4" long x 3 1/2" diameter
  • Use as a chew toy or food enrichment
  • Bounces and wobbles when thrown and rolled
  • Watch how me make it!


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