Biscuit Feeder - Primate Enrichment System (PES)

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Item Description

The newest addition to our PES is this all polycarbonate Biscuit Feeder which allows the animal the ability to map his reward.
All PES components will fit into the Universal Bracket.

The “Biscuit Feeder' is one of our many primate enrichment products designed as part of our "Primate Enrichment System (PES)". Our system implements cognitive problem solving by encouraging the user to manipulate food and treats through the feeder until the food or treat is accessible through the exit hole. The "Biscuit Feeder" fits into our "Universal PES Bracket" that can be mounted to the side of caging and can be removed for washing and changing "PES" products.

  • Easy to load from the top.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Universal Brackets are sold separately.
  • Biscuits can also be purchased for our Biscuit Feeder.

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