Virtually Indestructible Best Balls (5 Sizes)

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Item Description

Best Balls are a great toy for many species by ht-pet

Available in 5 different sizes!

No dog can destroy the original Virtually Indestructible "Best" Ball.

Exhausting even the most rambunxious pet, this Virtually Indestructible dog toy will roll and wobble providing long-lasting fun!

The Virtually Indestructible Ball is the last toy your animal will ever need!

Made in the USA with your pet's safety in mind.

Molded of hard, thick polyethylene plastic.

Always supervise your pet with his toys, play responsibly!

Size appropriately for your dog/animal. Purchase a size that is slightly larger than your dog/animal's mouth.

The toy should be large enough that the animal cannot fit the ball into it's mouth.

The Original Virtually Indestructible toy. Since 1992.

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