Multipet Nobbly Wobbly Balls (2 Sizes)

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Item Description

The Multipet Nobbly Wobbly Ball Dog Toy is made up of interwoven rubber tubes that provide plenty of places to grip and chew. The interwoven pattern leaves space between the ball that can be filled with kibble and other tiny treats. Toss it as-is or add in some kibble pieces to keep your canines interested in an extended play time. When tossed, the ball bounces and rolls in unpredictable directions, making it a fun enrichment toy. Nobbly Wobbly Balls are available in Small (3") and Large (4") sizes.

  • Canines love to lick, bite, and gnaw the unique texture
  • Great for toss and fetch
  • Comes in a variety of vivid colors
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes

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