Ruff Dawg Crinkit (2 Sizes)

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Item Description

Ruff Dawg Crinkit – Throw and Retrieve Water Bottle Dog Toy, Solid Rubber, Includes Water Bottle, Floats, Recyclable, Made in The USA, 5.5in, up to 40 lbs. Dogs.

Crinkit: 5.5" for small to medium dogs

Crinkit XL: 9.5" for medium to large dogs

Brand New for 2021-meet the Crinkit water bottle toy! made with a heavy duty 100% rubber shell outside to protect dogs' teeth and gums, and an empty water-bottle inside -for that irresistible crinkly-crunchy sound and feels that drives dogs wild!


This product is dishwasher safe!

  • The Crinkly-Crunchy sound and feel dogs love! New Crinkit noisemaking water-bottle toy is made with our durable solid rubber shell encasing an empty water bottle. Dogs get all the long-lasting crunching they love - without harming their mouth!
  • In assorted high-visibility neon colors. Water bottle is replaceable and recyclable.
  • Inside: empty water bottle (included) that makes a crinky-crunchy sound when chomped.
  • Outside: safe solid rubber shell protects teeth and gums.
  • 100% Made in the USA – Crinkit: 5.5" for small to medium dogs. Crinkit XL: 9.5" for medium to large dogs

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