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The "ORIGINAL" DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS primate treat from Bio-Serv! Tasty PRIMA-Treats provide an efficient, simplified, controlled method of enhancing your environmental enrichment program while supplementing Vitamin C and other nutrients. These 100% nutritionally complete, certified treats revolutionized the feeding of primate treats.

  • Not a sugar treat
  • Excellent vitamin C supplement
  • Can be fed as a sole source diet or supplement for problem eaters
  • Certified nutritionally complete diet for New and Old World Primates
  • Reduces risk of affecting animal's health and teeth when fed non-nutriotious treats
  • Designed to use in our enrichment devices such as Goodie Space Ships, Challenger Ball and Kong Toys.

Size : 1" x .318" thick (5 gram/treat) - Appr 10oz jar

Did you know that a Prima-Treat contains more vitamin C then any other primate treat on the market?

Encapsulated Vitamin C : 22.1 mg/treat
Vitamin D3 : 10.2 IU/treat

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