Banana Hammock

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Item Description

The Banana Hammock by MunkyBunz is an experience in comfort for your monkey. Made with 2 layers of thick, soft anti-pill fleece in adorable monkey prints, the Banana Hammock will be your monkey's favorite spot. The deep, pleated pocket invites your furry friend inside for a snooze, and the thick folds on top provide a resting spot to relax and watch the world go by.

Each hammock is made with either 2 or 3 full yards of fleece, depending on the size chosen. The single size at 28 x 18 inches is roomy enough for your monkey to stretch out and fits easily in most cages. The double size at 38 x 24 inches allows two or more furry friends to cuddle up and groom or nap.

The MunkyBunz Banana Hammock is double sewn and made to last for years. An investment in a MunkyBunz Banana Hammock is an investment in your monkey's comfort and well being.

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