Primate Foraging Unit #2034

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In nature, mental and physical stimuli affect all organisms. This is more pronounced in animals of higher intelligence. Perhaps it could be narrowed down to three main activities any given day: foraging, resting, and social interaction.

In the Animal Kingdom, primates possess certain similar physiological and behavioral characteristics, such as extreme dexterity and intelligence. They are both kept in vast numbers in various circumstances and environments. Eliminating behavioral problems due to boredom often becomes a big challenge to the caretaker. Environmental enrichment can be provided in many different ways, but addressing natural tendencies such as foraging yields the best results.

Primate Foraging Unit #2034

This 16 inch unit is a table mount design. It comes with a table for easy installation outside the exhibit. It features 4 slots for fruits, vegetables, and treats. It also features 105 cavities for treats.

Recommended for all Guenons, Capuchins, Gibbons, Patas, Baboons, Spider Monkeys, and Macaques.

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