Mixed Fruit Gumivore-Fare, 8 Oz.

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An easy to feed, acacia gum base supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders and Marmosets. This NEW Acacia gum supplemental food (FRUIT MIX Gumivore-Fare)for Sugar gliders and other gumivores. Fruit mix Gumivore-Fare delivers Pure Acacia Gum (in jell form) combined with a variety of mixed fruits, and fresh fruit pulp. Gliders cannot resist this food that is native to there homeland, and natural diet.

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  • Gumivore-fare is a no preservative, all natural, easy to feed, jell that is ready to use.
  • Sugar gliders feed on Acacia Gum sap in the wild.
  • The Australian acacia gum is a very important carbohydrate source, and gliders are able to digest about 90% of the gum.
  • Gliders spent about half their time in the wild (43%) feeding on gum from the Acacia trees, Gumivore-Fare is the latest product , it simplifies, and mimics the animals natural food sources.
  • Refrigerate the jar after opening, will typically store refrigerated for up to 4 weeks but may be less depending on conditions.
  • Gumivore-Fare can also be frozen for longer storage.


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