Monster Ball 2 Sizes - For all animals

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Item Description

The Jolly Pets Monster Ball offers an even better reason to fetch a ball-it's filled with snacks! But catching it could be a problem...this Mohawk-wearing monster is unevenly weighted and takes an unpredictable bounce! Once your best buddy gets it in his chompers, he'll exercise his brain trying to get every last tasty bite out of it. As he chews, the Monster Ball cleans his teeth and freshens his breath with a delicious vanilla scent!

Manufacturer: Jolly Pets

key Benefits

  • Durable, erratic bouncing ball makes fetch more fun and enjoyable. It's unevenly weighted so when bounced it could go anywhere!
  • Vanilla scent and flavor freshens breath, and it's made from non-toxic rubber that's safe to chew so you can be confident in giving this to your pet.
  • Stuff the hollow center with any type of treat, like regular biscuits, peanut butter, or yogurt and watch your pet go to town!
  • When it's hot outside try freezing the ball with your pet's favorite snack for a pawesome summer treat!
  • The mouth on this toy makes dispensing the treats a fun task that your pup will be thoroughly entertained by.

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