The Little Monkey Rascals - Andrew and His Attitude

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Hi, I am Mary Lynn, the monkey lady, of SunShine MonkeyShines and the author of this book. The little monkey characters that I have written about are the monkeys, which have been in my life for the past 27 years. Andrew, (my late star performing monkey) always had an attitude problem. I pulled from the different behaviors and personalities of my monkeys, in order, to weave a human type experience with them in their troop.

Andrew, the leader of the Monkey Rascals, has an attitude problem from time to time. He learns he must look within himself and do what we all must do when we have the same type of problem. He learns that he must choose again!

This series of books have a "Little Rascals" type of storyline, but with monkeys. It takes place in the rain forest in South America around the Amazon River. The monkeys form a club and then start to build a clubhouse. They are having a real monkey experience in the forest because they are experiencing encounters with hawks, jaguars, and of course parents, and even boyfriends and girlfriends!

The book is a way to introduce children to learning more about healthy thinking skills. There are many situations in the stories when attitude problems occur within the troop. The reader learns many ways to become aware about the real issues behind these problems. There are several interactive endings throughout the books in order for the children to think about what choice they would like to see Andrew make when he is confronted with his problems.

The adult readers who have read this story seem to especially love it too. Some have even said, "Only a monkey caregiver could have written such an entertaining book about a troupe of monkeys living in the rain forest." Please consider purchasing this book for your family so everyone will know how Andrew was able to help his big problem.

About the Illustrations

Bob Childers, who in real life is my very artistic husband, created the cover and the illustrations in this first book,“Andrew and His Attitude He selected actual photos of monkeys who have been in and around our lives, and then created from them the wonderful cover and illustrations. The seedpod that Andrew is holding on the cover of the book is actually one we have from the rainforest, too.

About Miracle Publishers

We both love to write "Positive and Healthy Thinking" books so we started our own self publishing company. When choosing a name we both knew that we had to call it "Miracle Publishers." We truly believe in miracles and have learned to expect them in all ways and all times to happen in our lives. We just must remember to ask for one when we need one and then turn loose of the outcome of our request. God always knows what the miracle must look like.

This little children's book is in it's fifth printing and has been offered for sale after SunShine MonkeyShine's presentations for 7 years. We are honored to be asked to add it to the The Primate Store site. The whole family will enjoy this positive slant on how to choose again when we have a flare up of our "Attitude Problem."

About The Star Of The Book

Writing the book was a wonderful healing experience for me. Andrew was truly a very unusual character and we truly did live with him and his attitude problems for almost 17 years. We hope you and your loved ones really enjoy the story about him and his friends in the rain forest of South America. He was a Wedge-Cap, Capuchin monkey, and he loved to show people how talented he was at riding his beloved - Harley Davidson 'Scooter."

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