Living with Monkeys - The Baby Book

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A must have PDF guide when raising a monkey at home!

Chapter 1: The Early Days With Silly Willy
Chapter 2: Programming - Programming - Programming
Chapter 3: Good Information About Breeders
Chapter 4: More Information About Programming
Chapter 5: Taking the Programming to the Next Level
Chapter 6: The Types of Bites
Chapter 7: Letting Your Monkey Show You Who They Are
Chapter 8: Being in the Role of Alpha
Chapter 9: Being Consistent With the Baby Monkey
Chapter 10: Changing Bad Behavior With Behavior Modification
Chapter 11: More About People and Your Monkey
Chapter 12: More About Baby Monkeys and Their Caregivers
Chapter 13: The Four Stages Monkeys Will Go Through
Chapter 14: More Monkey Information
Chapter 15: More Info About Spoiling a Baby Monkey
Chapter 16: Diapering and Bathing a Baby Monkey
Chapter 17: Feeding Your Baby Monkey and Other Things
Chapter 18: A Cage for Your Baby Monkey
Chapter 19: More About Accidents and Safety Checks
Chapter 20: Leads and Chains
Chapter 21: Being the Doctor and Using the Vet
Chapter 22: Three Important Mistakes in Caregiving
Chapter 23: Having a Monkey Can Cause Family and Friend Problems
Chapter 24: Things to Think About

Customer Reviews

Fantastic! - Brent R on 4/25/2021

Such a well-written, thorough, e-book on Mary Lynn’s experience with monkeys. Her information is invaluable and this book should be read by anyone looking to buy a monkey.

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