Monkey Stories - Bobby, the love of my life

by Mandy N

Me and my family went to California on a trip and on the way home we stopped off at a pet store. When we went in I saw a big plastic cage so I went over to see what was in side. I looked in and I saw a monkey. I wanted it so bad that I cried to myself. I asked the owner if I could hold him and she said no that he was to scared right now. I wanted that monkey more than I ever wanted anything before. My mom could see how bad I wanted it and so she asked the owner how much he was. She said $6,000. I looked at my mom and I cried. I knew that was way more than my dad could pay, so I just sat there and watched him play as I cried. My parents went out to the car to leave and I stayed there looking at him, and then that was when it happened. He reached out for me to hold him and I could not touch him and I cried out loud so everyone could hear me, and my mom had to come get me to the car. When I got in the car, my dad was crying because he knew that he could not get him for me. We went home and for 2 years I cried and begged for a monkey and one day a miracle happened, my mom was looking though this book and she found a lady selling monkeys so she called just to see. The monkeys she was selling were only $1,500, which was still a lot of money but way less then what the pet store wanted, so my mom told her to send us a boy. My parents kept it a secret from me till they could not hold it in any longer and they came in my room and told me that I was getting a monkey in 2 weeks and I cried again. The day finely came, and we went to get him. When we got him in the car we took him out of the little cage he was in and we thought he was dead because the heat packs had stopped working and he was freezing. So I cried again but he was alive and my mom handed him to me. He was so cute that I cried again and named him Bobbi. I had him for almost 2 months and I love him more than anything. We play every day and to this day I thank my parents for giving me this little guy that I love.

I waited 2 years for Bobbi and I finally have him. That is the end and thanks for letting me share my story with you.