Monkey Stories

Do you have a great story related to our non-human primate friends? Send us your monkey stories and we'll put them online!

Want to learn more about keeping monkeys as a pet? Simply browsing and reading all the stories written by monkey owners will give you a glimpse on primate ownership.

Mischief (Story Contest Winner) - by Kendra L

Monkey or Clown - by Pam C

Amazing Apes - by Steve A

Standing by my door - by Ladawn A

Frannies Miracle - by Gayle V

A Baboon Called Misty - by Misty C

The little pickpocket - by Misty C

The importance of a double entry door - by Sherry F

Waldo - by Sherry F

Who needs who more? - by Louise S

Monkey Driving - by Mashous G

A love affair - by Lu H

The monkey legacy - by Tayna R

Life with Scotty - by Walt G

Holly the Baboon - by Janet F

Molly and Andy's great escape - by Lorrie

Bobby, the love of my life - by Mandy N

Silly Little Monkeys - by Jennifer