Monkey Stories - Monkey or Clown

by Pam C

It was a gorgeous day to be doing things outside, but Saturday's are my "work days". You see, I'm a children's entertainer, sometimes a clown, other times doing shows with my performing capuchin black/white monkey, named MIKI.

One Saturday afternoon, I was in between monkey shows, and was starving... (seems I'm in that condition a lt!!!) Anyway, I stopped at a small hamburger stand, and only took my money that I stuck in my pocket.... I was just going to be gone about 10 minutes. I left the car running for Miki, (he stays in an animal carrier) bought him an order of French fries, and returned to the side door of the van. Once I opened the door, I panicked!!! I saw Miki's face all red, with something.... I could not tell what!!! I immediately could tell it was NOT blood, thank God, but what could it be? I finally began to laugh out loud!!! That 5th hand of his (tail) had gotten into my purse and into my cosmetic bag, and removed my tube of red lipstick, and it was all over him, hands, feet, and teeth!!!

I could not be mad at him, he was just trying to be a clown, like he had seen me doing lots of times before. I'm just sorry I did not have a camera with me that day to take a shot of my new clown!!!