Monkey Stories - The importance of a double entry door

by Sherry F

We got our outdoor enclosure completed two summers ago with good intentions of building a double entry door at a later date. As many people do, we kept putting it off. Well, there are two incidents that happened, that forced us to realize just how important the double entry door is! First incident being...forgetfulness...

Sammy & Benji were in the living room with my husband, Dave. I decided to go out into the enclosure to pick up toys they had taken out thru their tunnel. The tunnel allows them to go out to the enclosure from their indoor monkey room. I left the door to the enclosure open...thinking it would be alright since Sammy & Benji were in the living room with Dave. In the meantime, Sammy & Benji had got into a spat and Dave separated them by putting Sammy in the monkey room! He forgot all about me being in the outdoor enclosure! By the time he realized it, it was too late! Sammy spotted the gate open and ran out! We were very lucky that time! She just ran to the top of the enclosure and came to me when I offered her a snack!

Second incident being... Emergency Situation!

We hung a new trapeze type toy out in the enclosure and was sitting in the kitchen, looking out the window, watching Sammy & Benji play with their new toy! All of a sudden, Benji put his head and arm thru the triangle shaped ring and appeared to be stuck! I ran out with key in hang! Luckily, Benji was already free from the ring and Sammy had been so concerned about my fear...she didn't even try to escape! The problem came when Dave was trying to pass the ladder in to me so I could take the trapeze out of there! We managed to pass the ladder back and forth but it was a struggle! At which time, I looked at Dave and said, "The perfect example of WHY we need a double entry door!"

I am proud to announce the completion of our outdoor enclosure WITH the double entry door!