Monkey Stories - The monkey legacy

by Tayna R

Once upon a time, long, long ago when monkeys ruled the Earth. People (if any) would respect them if not they could consider the zoo their home. Dinosaurs were yet to come but still, no one knew about their amazing technology. They had computers and televisions before technology was invented. They had a secret language and many different words and communication skills. They would circle their hands in the air, meaning they want to dance. They would stomp their foot on the ground meaning they have to pee. There words were so amazing, oo, ee, oo, ah, ah, ching, chang, wolow, wolow, Bing, bang.

Monkeys had amazing technology. They had computers we won’t invent for another 30 years. Their TV’s were so advanced they could turn them on when they want with mind waves. You ask how a monkey could use their little brains to make these extravagant things? Like super computers and master TV’s? We their master {King monkey the 2nd} had problems talking so therefore the other monkeys had to try to understand.

These monkeys are amazingly friendly. When a person came near them they would give them a chance to run away before chasing them with a big stick.

So as I was saying their technology was amazing blah blah, blah, yatta, yatta, yatta you know, oh wait you don’t! That would be my point of this legacy! HA! Any way their technology was invented so they could communicate and understand king monkey the 2 ND. King monkey the 1st died in a mysterious accident while filming planet of the apes. Any ways your probably falling asleep now but DON’T! Here. Everything gets better! The monkeys made their computers so king monkey would talk into a thing and they would read the other thing and blah blah blah. OOOPS I'm doing it again! King monkey would talking into a complicated microphone attached to the computer which would then got into his mind or read his mind and write what he was saying or if he had audio on it would say it in the voice chosen. They needed this to know what to do incase of a parakeet bombing or families running out of bananas.

Now you know a little more about monkeys and their habitat early in the beginning of the world. If you enjoyed this book be sure to look for the "monkey legacy II jump to the future". Monkeys are amazing never overlook them again. They interpret our actions to their own lives, and ways. Like when you show teeth to a dog it thinks you trying to fight. So watch your self next time your around a monkey. Monkeys have inspired me to write this book, and hopefully many more, also look for different series possibly legacies of cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, birds, gerbils, and many more.