Monkey Stories - Standing by my door

by Ladawn A

It started off as one of the best years of my life. I had just moved in my first home and was to be married soon to my life long love. My kids were full of joy with their new house and big yard, but best of all I had finally saved up enough money to get my baby, a squirrel monkey.

I had wanted one since childhood, so the search for her began. I looked everywhere and finally I had found her or so I thought. E-mails were sent and phone calls were made. It all looked to be coming together, I could soon have my baby.

The happiness I felt was overwhelming. I cried, one of my life long dreams was about to come true. I was told I needed to send a deposit on her and when they delivered her, I would pay the rest. I went on the biggest shopping spree I had ever been on. You would have thought I won the lotto.

I bought everything a baby monkey would need or want: food, bottles, toys, diapers and the list went on. It was so much fun I still do it to this day. Soon the house was full of things I had got her or made for her.

I sent the deposit and my baby was to be brought to me within a week.

I couldn't wait, my baby was on her way. Some days went by and I called to make sure things were still on for the date of delivery and was told everything was fine and they would be on their way in the morning. That night I couldn't sleep. I was so excited, so I made up her bassinet I had gotten her with the teletubie sheets set I made for her and to top it off with a crocheted blanket I also made.

I finally put myself to sleep by reading some of the books I gotten her. I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, it was the breeder making sure he had the directions right. He said they were already on the highway and would be here by 11pm or so. We hung up and out the bed I jumped, so much to do my baby would be coming home today, I was overjoyed.

I jumped in my car and went to the party store and got a welcome home balloons and banner and rushed home to put it all up, everything was ready. I heard no more from the breeder, so when 11:00pm came and went, I called him. He told me his drivers had some truck problems and they would be here in the morning.

That night I sat up all night and in the morning, I called again and was told they should be here by now. I hung up and to the door I went, and there I stood all day holding a stuffed monkey I got for her. As the day turned into the night and my calls went unanswered, the heart breaking truth slapped me in the face. I would not be getting my baby, I had been taken, swindled.

The tears came and I would not stop them nor did I want them to. It was in the morning, my baby was not coming home. The next day it was confirmed, the breeders phone was turned off and my e-mails went unanswered. I had never cried so much in my life. It was hard to face it and as I looked around the house full of things for her I felt worse.

Some days passed and I was out to track him down. I found him and was told it was all a mix-up. Yes you have my money and I have no baby. To make a long story no longer then it already is, I reported him and he is now in jail and came to find out I was not the only one standing by my door.

Today, I have saved up once again but I have learned, and this June, I will be getting my baby from a reputable breeder and together my baby and I, will be standing by my door.