Tonka Mega Tread Ball 3in

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Item Description

Tonka is the only line of realistic toy vehicles focused on construction, rescue and urban themes with a 70-year history of quality, innovation, and ruggedness. Tonka has now created a range of dog toys! Designed to be tough for chewing whilst encouraging them to exercise through play

Manufacturer: TONKA

Keep your furry friend entertained for hours as they try to get the hidden treats out with this interactive, tough toy. The tire tread makes for easy grip. Strong as a tire, it's Tonka tough!

  • Hide treats in it to keep your dog entertained for hours
  • Fill with your dog's favorite treats or dog food, and watch as they tackle the challenge of getting them out!
  • Tire tread makes for easy grip
  • Built for the toughest pups!
  • Made to Last: Constructed from heavy-duty rubber

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