EasyFix Luna 86

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Item Description

The EASYFIX Luna 86 is designed to provide environmental enrichment for 1st stage weaners (4-7 weeks). Made from high-quality natural rubber, the Luna 86 is pliable, durable and safe for pigs to bite on.There are four products in the new LUNA range, designed specifically for piglets, weaners, finishers and sows. The new Luna range is working extremely well on university farms and commercial farms in Ireland, UK, Germany, Holland, Korea and USA.

Manufacturer: EasyFix

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  • Environmental enrichment helps to reduce tail, ear and side biting.
  • The pig enrichment devices remain at floor level, imitating the pig's natural posture and behaviour.
  • Up to 6 pigs can interact with the device at the same time.
  • The Luna combines mobility and rollability, whilst always remaining in reach.
  • The Luna remains very clean with low bacteria counts and swab tests.
  • Features

    • Made from a high quality natural rubber compound.
    • Unique design with 12 protruding rubber legs.
    • Only 3 legs are in contact with the floor at any time.
    • Brightly coloured for easy observation in the pen.
    • Fully REACH compliant.
    • Food grade rubber.

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