BloomerBunz Diaper Cover

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Our Exclusive BloomerBunz Diaper Cover is designed to be worn over a disposable diaper or our DryBunz Cloth Diaper. Made with more than twice the yardage of a regular diaper cover, BloomerBunz provides fuller coverage and knee-length pant legs that keep curious little fingers from picking and shredding. BloomerBunz is a diaper cover and shorts in one easy on and off garment. Made from tough denim, twill or reinforced poly-cotton, fully lined and triple sewn at the stress points, belt loops and buckles. BloomerBunz hold up to the toughest monkey and won't fall apart or go limp after just a few washings. We can add optional D-rings for a padlock, and even cute ruffles for girls and a decorative pocket for boys.

Don't let the funny shape fool you! BloomerBunz hug the curves of your monkey's body for a fabulous fit without binding or restricting natural movement. You'll love the difference!

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