Primate Care Handbook

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Item Description

The Primate Care Handbook was produced by and for the members of the Simian Society of America. It is a guide to educate those who either have or plan to have primates in their care. This book can no longer be purchased new, but can still be purchased used when copies are available. This guide contains over 280 pages of information on the more commonly kept primate species. Materials included within the sections on health, nutrition and reproduction were reviewed by qualified vets for accuracy. The sections related to psychological wellbeing and enrichment were reviewed by primatologists.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction - So you think you want a monkey?

2. New World and Old World

3. Primate Communication, New World and Old

4. New World Primates

4.1. Callitrichids
4.2. Squirrels
4.3. Capuchins
4.4. Spiders

5. Old World Primates

5.1. Bushbabies
5.2. Guenons
5.3. Macaques

6. Housing

7. Psychological Wellbeing and Environmental Enrichment

8. Socialization and Reproduction

9. Nutritution

10. Health

11. Human Socialization & Training of a Monkey

12. Appendix and Bibliography

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