Nina Ottosson Plastic Treat Spinner

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Item Description

A fun activating rotating treat game for your dog/cat.

Manufacturer: Nina Ottoson



  • The DogSpinny is an interactive rotating game for you and your dog/cat.
  • Simply hide some treats in the depressions under the rotating disc and watch your dog turn the disc with its paw or nose in order to find the hidden goodies through the hole in the rotating disc.
  • Increase the degree of difficulty by placing the white plastic block in the hole of the rotating disc.

Key Benefits

  • Dogs/CATS don't just need physical exercise to be happy and healthy, they also need mental stimulation.
  • Level of difficulty 1 means it's difficult enough to keep you pup occupied for a while.
  • A pleasant and rewarding time for you and your dog. Hide the treats or kibble under the bone shaped depressions.
  • Enhances your relationship with your dog by rewarding them with treats they love. They'll have to slide the top of the puzzle to reveal next depression that may or may not have a prize.
  • Suits dogs of all ages and sizes.


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