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The perfect plush blankets for your little furry friends. Folks love these super lightweight soft blankets that we use in our Sugar Glider and Little Monkey enclosures. So now you can order them for your little friends too. Critters love to bury down in this special soft plush fabric that offers them a more comfortable warm sleep. Great for your Sugar Glider's little hands and feet because it keeps the cage floor warm & soft instead walking on the cold hard bars. Sugar Gliders and Marmosets forage through the fabric to fine buried treasures from their breakfast etc. Perfect for baby marmosets that need a stuffy everywhere they go. The bottom of their starter cage is completely covered with "stuffy". Not just for your exotic friends- We keep one in the cat & dog beds. Even my granddaughter carries hers everywhere she goes. It's her favorite blankie. It will be your furry friends' favorite too. To clean simply shake out any food/waste and wash in cold water & lightly dry. Comes in Brown, Grey, Pink and Teal. 3 sizes-Small measures approximately 20 X 14, Medium 30 X 20 and Large 40 X 28. As always inspect items in your friend's cage. Replace if worn or hole occurs. Fabrics can catch on pet's nails so keep an eye on their little fingers & toes.

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