Harness (beaded & glow)

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This easy to use adjustable harness leash is made of soft nylon rope, non-toxic, glows and is tasteless. The adjustable leash is also thicker and stronger than most, hard to shake off and slip down.
BEADED DESIGN: This training lead leash is design with many colorful beads, the beads tighten the harness, can also place the beads on the top of rope to hold the harness easily.
ENOUGH LENGTH: 5.5 ft Harness could give your pet freedom. Gives you the peace of mind that your pet will not get lost.
MULTIPLE USE: This leash harness is great for Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Lizards, Guinea Pigs, Degu, Ferrets, Hamsters, Rats and Similar Small Animals that need supervision.
FREELY ADJUST: You just have to tighten the harness enough to be snug. Freely adjust the tightness of the traction rope according to the shape of your pet, and not too much that it’s too tight on your baby.

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