Backpack Capsule Carrier

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This stylish capsule backpack carrier is easy to carry around and keeps your monkey safe. It's perfect for hiking, camping, outdoor walks. It let's folks safely see your monkey without contact. Let's your monkey travel in a safe and comfortable environment. The space capsule appearance gives your monkey a window to the world. They enjoy the trip because they can see where they're going without getting in trouble. The backpack is handy, practical, beautiful and well made. It has 9 air holes and 2 air vents for lots of fresh air circulation so pets breathe more easily. There's lots of room for your monkey to move around. It has a built-in security leash that help prevents precious monkeys from getting away. The removeable washable fleece pad on the bottom makes it easier to keep clean and is soft on your baby's feet. The padded shoulder straps make backpacking with your monkey easier on longer trips. It's comfortable to wear either on your back, in front or choose to hand carry using the soft hand grip on top. This backpack is made with durable high grade PC materials making it strong, durable and long-lasting. Perfect for small monkeys, small cats, small dogs etc. Comes in Black or Pink.

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