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If you have a little monkey you know what picky eaters they can be☹ When I got my first baby monkey I got her Monkey Biscuits, Monkey Crunch etc. I couldn't wait for her to start eating real monkey food. When I gave her the first biscuit she walked over to it, touched it, smelled it, licked it and 💩on it. I had to figure out a way to get her to eat her monkey food🤔 So I broke them in half-still too big. Finally I made Monkey Mix-biscuits in powder form 🤩 It's the perfect way to transition them to the bigger biscuits. You can mix it with hot water or unsweetened apple juice. I start with it like a gravy over their food and later on I mix it with their fruits and veggies😋 Comes in an 8 oz or 16 oz sealed container with snap on top.

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