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These are the finest quality diapers available and I know you will LOVE them! They are made of the same high-quality microfiber, organic cotton and absorbent materials used in making eco-friendly infant diapers. No short cuts on quality because I feel our monkey babies deserve the best. These diapers are cuddly soft, comfortable and made to withstand hundreds of laundry cycles. They have been tried and tested for fit, comfort and absorbency by hundred of monkeys (marmoset/tamarins). Washable diapers are another way to be kind to our environment as well. I have sizes from adult down to tiny infant for Marmosets/Tamarins. It's really important to get your baby started wearing diapers as as soon as possible. Not only does it make diapering easier when they get older, but the handling does so much for bonding and discipline that pays out later on. Babies that are accustomed to being diapered are far more socialized as adults. These diapers are super soft, need no diaper liners or covers, are washable and reusable. No diaper rash or tearing at the diapers like with disposables. Get 3 to $AVE!

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