Primate Books

While you can learn a lot through social networking with primate enthusiasts, we still recommend that you purchase primate related books to expand your knowledge on primate care. Many of these books focus on the most important aspects when it relates to the care of primates. They’ll go in depth on diet, exercise, primate enrichment, enclosure building, vet care, training, and more. As a primate caregiver these are a must have in your collection.

Don't Shoot The Dog!
Primate Store
Primate Enrichment Diary
Primate Store
Primate Care Handbook
Primate Store
The Little Monkey Rascals - Andrew and His Attitude
SunShine MonkeyShines
Monkey Matters Complete Guide To Care & Behavior
Monkey Matters
Living with Monkeys - The Baby Book
SunShine MonkeyShines